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3 Stars!
Member PhotoBy Ziggy on November 6, 2007 - See all my reviews
My father brought a vehicle that had been purchased from them in to have the oil changed. He brought in his own oil. My dad was watching thru the service window and noticed the mechanic put the oil he had provided inside a cabinet and close the door. The mechanic then used their oil. He went to the service manager, who found the oil, and talked with the employee. They apoligized to him and offered to re-change his oil using the oil he had brought. He refused, paid them and left. He called back a day later to inform the owner Mr. Robbins about it, he told him they had fired the mechanic, and apoligized. Even though they may have taken action against the employee, this left a bitter taste in my dads mouth. One year later he traded in his Toyota, but he didn't do it at Robbins Toyota. On another note, each time they buy or take a trade-in on a used car, like most dealerships will or should do, they put it in their shop to have the mechanics check it over for anything wrong. So, whenever you buy a used car from them or anyone else, make sure you ask to see this checklist, because they will NOT normally voluntarily tell you about it or let you see it, unless you are persistant about seeing it. Also, make sure ALL the problems on the car that were found were fixed. And those they didn't fix, if you want the car, you can negotiate the price of the car down, because it may need some of the repairs. As a general rule, the repairs they do make on the car are normally ONLY those which would be considered a safety hazard to you, (they have liabilty to do repairs deemed a hazard). Less repairs equals more profit to them. So, remember to check behind mechanics to ensure the work on your car was really done. BUYING TIPS: Always shop and compare prices online and at other dealerships. (This price I offer you is for today only...pressure to bogus, unless it's a promo from the MFG with a ending date, otherwise, the offer will be just as good tomorrow. HINT: After you get your BEST deal on the car, THEN work a trade-in, don't let them know you want to trade-in until after the best deal is made. (sometimes you may have to sell your car thru the newspaper or online to an individual, to get the best price for your trade-in). Just consider the difference between what the dealership may give you and what you can sell it for, cost to advertise, time you spend selling it, repairs you may have to make, etc., to see if it's worth selling on your own. They can and will use it against you on your trade-in if repairs are needed for your car, lowering the "value" of your trade-in, regardless of whether or not they will even do all the repairs they claim will need to be done before they can sell your car. LITTLE KNOWN FACT:Write down the V.I.N. (vehicle identification number), found on the "sticker" or vehicle itself. After you have worked your "best deal" with them, and you are sure this is the vehicle you want, you can go to another dealership of same type, show them this V.I.N. number and see if they will work a better deal with you. Most people don't know dealerships are always "trading/transferring" vehicles between themselves. The dealerships can go on their computers and pull up all the information on a car at another dealership. Example: you want a certain color car, they don't have one, they go online to another dealership, find one like you want, they do the deal with you like the car was on their lot, then they contact the other dealership and transfer it to them. Certain Toyota vehicles are made in the USA others are made overseas. I have personally owned a Toyota, they are good cars. I won't buy one in the future however, as I now "buy American", "support Americans" and "our" economy. They do make Camry's here in the USA. Just do your research (if you plan to buy American) as even some "American" car MFG's make a few of their models overseas or part of the vehicle or parts from other countries. Educate yourself so you know the car you buy is 100% "made in the USA! Oh, and buy economy and hybrid cars if you can so we are not so dependent of foreign oil, which ends up dictation foreign policy and so many other things, greenhouse effect, etcs Anyway, didn't mean to ramble on, hope this information helps some of you.
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