Chapel Ridge of Texarkana

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(870) 774-9800 • 4717 County Ave Texarkana, AR 71854
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2 Stars!
Member PhotoBy HogFan2007 on April 9, 2008 - See all my reviews
Well not sure how to rate this but I am giving it an 2...

When I first move everything was OK but later on they got new mangement/owners and it went down hill.

# 1-- I called them several times about my pouch light being out and they said they will send some one out.. It was almsot 3 months later b4 they got it fixed. They said that if I had hurt myself it would not be there fault. Yeah right

# 2- They only gave half my deposit back

# 3- They did not keep clean side 2 up like they did side 1

So if ya want to think about renting here BE WARE!!!!!!!!! At first I liked it but after the light incident things went down hill

I may or may not tell my friends about CR

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