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(903) 838-5495 • 5816 Wilshire Dr. Texarkana, TX
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1 Star!
Member PhotoBy silverstreak on September 26, 2010 - See all my reviews
This guy is a nutjob. DO NOT even call him. We called about a rental listed in the paper so we could get a location and check out the property. He proceeded to ask very personal questions, making us feel very uncomfortable. He wanted to meet us and wouldn't tell us where it was and tried very high pressure sales techniques. He also made a point to try to tell us how successful he was; at one point, he told us he'd just paid $165k in cash for a house as if we'd be impressed. When we sounded unsure from being thrown off by his high pressure lines, he decided to start yelling at us and telling us how he knew what kind of people we were; that we wanted $1000 value for $500/month and we had champange taste but a beer budget. May as well have told us his property was trash. VERY unprofessional. Don't even bother with this guy.
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