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2 Stars!
Member PhotoBy KBCraig on October 15, 2007 - See all my reviews
KTAL seems to have forgotten that they're supposed to be Texarkana station. Despite their "studio" in the mall (is anyone ever there?), their news coverage is mostly about Shreveport. KTBS has far better Texarkana coverage, and KTBS is nominally a Shreveport station.

I also have to point out that KTAL has HORRIBLE video quality.
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Member PhotoBy Proclaimer on September 11, 2007 - See all my reviews
News is one thing, but could never justify itself for all the lust, greed, and glamorizing of evil it puts out, day after day after day.

By the time children reach the age of 16, they will have witnessed 33,000 murders and over 200,000 acts of violence on network TV.
A 10-year study at the University of Illinois found that television is more crucial to a child's behavior than even their family or their social class.
According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, television viewing causes violent and aggressive behavior in children and sends them irresponsible messages about sexual behavior and alcohol.
Every major opinion poll - including the Gallup poll, TV Guide, Time Magazine, Parents magazine and Advertising Age - say overwhelmingly that the American people believe there IS TOO MUCH SEX AND VIOLENCE ON TV.

YET despite all the evidence, TV continues to program hour after hour of glorified and graphic violence and sex.

sex and******sells.

While the Oscar Ceremonies are taking place & movie stars are slapping each other on the back & giving standing ovations to each other, there are young adolescence living the rest of their lives in a cold jail with cemented walls, convicted of violent crimes they have committed.

Cant see the connection?
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5 Stars!
Member PhotoBy Weegsta on June 13, 2007 - See all my reviews
My favorite News station for years now.
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