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(903) 200-6006 • 214 E. Broad Street; Texarkana, AR
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5 Stars!
Member PhotoBy texarkanapeep on November 17, 2009 - See all my reviews
Appeal magazine is a great publication that puts the rest to shame. Finally, Texarkana has a fresh perspective on local people, businesses, and events. I love that they write stories on "every day people" not the old stuffy top 25 people that are ALWAYS in the other magazines. I love the artistic photography! I love the urban feel. I love the fun articles. This magazine actually has interesting content.. it doesn't look like a football AD program! It is very cool... just what Texarkana needs! The first publication came out a few weeks ago.. it is a super cool green color with a funky bald guy on the front, and it is half the size of a normal magazine. This magazine is neat! Can't wait to see more...
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