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(755) 01- • New Boston Road Texarkana, TX
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1 Star!
Member PhotoBy sumrbaby on January 15, 2008 - See all my reviews
On 1/12/08 a young man knocked on my door identifying himself as "Chris with the satellite company". I had just gotten out of the shower, so I told him through the door that I was not interested (I have Dish Network anyway). He sarcastically said, "Thank you for being so kind!" The next day there was a door hanger on my front door and he had written on it "Rude!!! Try being nice you'll get further". Bad move...his name and phone number were on the door hanger, so I called and told him that being disinterested did not make me a rude person, and I thought his action was very unprofessional and certainly not a way to establish a new business. I want his boss (he named John Cooper) to be aware of the caliber of "marketers" he is hiring!! I saved the door hanger and have taken it to work with me at both jobs!! Great marketing, huh?!
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