Collom & Carney Eye Institute

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(903) 798-3937 • 5402 Summerhill Rd Texarkana, TX 75503
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Member PhotoBy gripitandripit on December 3, 2007 - See all my reviews
It took me 2 trips $290, $56 in eye drops to get rid of my sons Pinkeye. I didn't have insurance so i paid for my first visit...$250. 2 weeks later his eyes were no better. We went back and ended up paying $30 for a follow up visit......i was glad to hear it was 30 bucks....was expecting much more but really should have been a free-be. 2 weeks later i got a bill for $40 more for some kind of refraction fee. I had no insurance and i didn't want a charge account i paid after every visit........they should have it on the bill when i paid for the 1st visit.
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